What we do

Horizonte helps companies realize their potential through investments from own sources and through raising capital from external sources

Client- and project- tailored approach

Capital raising from external sources

Capitalising on its vast experience from raising all kinds of financing (including bank loans, mezzanine, equity) for its portfolio companies Horizonte offers capital raising from institutional investors as a consulting service to non portfolio companies.

Based on the client’s financing needs, available collaterals, nature of the business and requirements of the company’s management/owners Horizonte develops and executes individually tailored corporate financing strategies on a national and international level. Capital raising mandates usually are based on a combined fixed retainer and success fee compensation arrangement.

Investments from our own sources

In the field of investments from its own sources Horizonte is focused on investing a combination of equity and debt into a partner company. Its objective is to see that these funds are directly applied to the successful expansion, development or roll-out of a plan that has been analyzed on the basis of the target’s potential to grow and to be profitable.

Horizonte is not betting on ordinary growth. It is focused on high growth potential companies that can deliver a high value business that differentiates itself through competitiveness, management, cost effectiveness, and a unique product.

To achieve this Horizonte interacts daily with partner companies and plays a highly active role in the management and the decision making. Such a partner company must be ready to accommodate this role in its day-to-day life. We have a strong background not only in finance but in addition we have gained extensive experience in developing companies from start-ups to  successful medium sized companies. We believe that our “hands-on-approach” provides a unique platform that will help to launch the investee company on a new and higher trajectory. We firmly believe that every member of the team plays a vital role in building up the value of the enterprise – this is our commitment.

We target turnaround and expansion opportunities recognizing that this is an important mainstay of any portfolio. Our experience is in the service sector, communications, publishing, construction, food processing and general manufacturing. Balancing the portfolio means we can target also start up companies in sectors like IT/Digital, Biotech and real estate projects.

To date our investments cover Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia (incl. Kosovo), Slovakia and Slovenia.

The investment process

Potential clients can approach us at any time. We are ready to examine any ideas at any stage. To move forward with a project you will need to have developed a detailed business plan which focuses on the financing needs, the use of the funds and the potential of the company. Our assessment will be based on our analysis of the plan, the real potential for returns and what we believe you think the role of Horizonte consists of. We are keen to work with partners who are open to bringing on board a new investor. You need to understand that to develop a solid relationship with your new partner it will need to be based trust –  open, transparent, accommodating to the shareholders’ goals. We will analyze the team, the operations, the management, and above all your ability to deliver on the plan.

Timing is crucial – decisions to invest can take 4 weeks or 4 months. This depends on the project’s level of development. Speed is a priority but not at the cost of finalizing a project.